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Rooted - Blessed Conversations Study on the Catechism

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This study book, from Blessed Is She, offers a unique way to increase your knowledge of spirituality and foster meaningful prayer-based conversations with fellow believers. Each course contains 3, 7, or 8 chapters, intended to be covered in one group meeting. Through authentic accounts and stories from fellow Christians the world over, you will learn more in-depth information about our faith. With a year's worth of devotions, scripture readings, and thought-provoking questions and comments, ROOTED's material provides the tools to grow closer to God and build stronger connections within your reading group. Come explore God's power and engage in blessed conversations with others with this inspiring project!

Product Features

  • Learn about the Catholic faith in an engaging, captivating way
  • 40 sessions perfect for individual or small group settings
  • Received the Imprimatur
  • Study with friends in a small group setting
  • Explore key doctrines of the Catholic Church
  • Understand how to live out your faith
  • Perfect for small groups or parish-wide studies
  • Get an overview of the Catechism from different perspectives