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Birth Affirmation Cards

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These wonderfully uplifting faith-based birth and pregnancy affirmation cards by Trudy Letters are designed to align heart, soul and mind with life-giving truths, towards an empowering birth.




  • SET of 30 beautifully designed and lettered A6 (approx post card size) affirmation cards;
  • 1 card with ideas for usage;
  • Each has rounded edges making them beautiful to hold;
  • Comes in a box for easy storage and gifting;
  • Printed by a local business in Australia.

Examples of the cards:

  • I am relaxed and happy that my baby is coming to me;
  • I choose to trust my instincts;
  • My body and my baby know what to do;
  • Open, Soften, Surrender;
  • Breathe in courage, breathe out fear;
  • I can do hard things;
  • I choose to know my body is well designed;
  • many more!