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Set A Fire: The Holy Spirit Book For Kids

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From the makers at Blessed Is She comes Set a Fire: The Holy Spirit Book for Kids! A devotional book aimed at helping children grow in their Catholic faith during the season of Lent.

Suitable for children 6-12 years old.

Everything is checked by the Blessed Is She Theological Editor with a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University. The Scripture questions and take-aways were written by the children of writing team at Blessed Is She. The design and layout is beautiful and engaging.

Every week offers:

+ Celebrate and keep Sundays holy with rest and special prayers.
+ Read a short teaching by Nell O’Leary about the Holy Spirit theme for the week on Mondays with questions and invitation to write a short prayer.
+ Read a passage from the Bible on Tuesdays and share one takeaway.
+ Practice your creative skills with a Bible verse coloring page on Wednesdays.
+ Think about the Bible passage on Thursdays by answering questions and drawing out the Bible passage.
+ Fun Friday activity—everything from word search, to a game, tips for cooking, or a scavenger hunt!
+ On Saturdays, free-write or journal about topic ideas we’ll share with you.

7×9, spiral binding, hardcover
136 pages